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Color — Method of Action

Color — Method of Action.

PLAY THIS GAME. This is a lot of fun, tough though, but fun.

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Art 1. Optical Design – StumbleUpon

Art 1. Optical Design – StumbleUpon.

This is pretty neat, I might try to incorporate this into a design!

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Nothing Spaces » On Design Copycats

Nothing Spaces » On Design Copycats.

Design can be a mean world. It’s a shame that things like this happen.




This is one my my favorite design firms. I’ve actually been here before and they have a great work environment. I can see myself working here.

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WV MAD (Media Arts and Design) Festival — West Liberty University

WV MAD (Media Arts and Design) Festival — West Liberty University.

Come out on Friday, April 27th for a day packed full of awesome! I have work entered into the contest and would love to have support!

Thanks and see you there!

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I’ll start here.

Thanks for checking out my work, I’m planning on adding more as I get this developed.

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