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MADfest Results.

Last Friday I had participated in West Liberty University’s MADfest.

MADfest stands for Media Art Design Festival where all day, the school put on programs to college and high school students that allowed them to learn more about different fields of the career path.

Types of sessions included: Photography, Electronic Music, 3D Animation, Concept Art, Illuminated Perfume, Mixed Media, and Drawing.

Every MADfest also brings in a few special guests. This year’s special guests were California-based artists Greg Spalenka ( and Roxana Villa (

I had spent a good amount of the MADfest working with Greg and Roxana, helping them with their sessions with the technical set up.

Also, the Thursday before the MADfest, I had spent the day at a workshop ran by Greg Spalenka. This workshop was called Artist as Brand ( Here students, including myself learned about how to turn our art into a living by giving up valuable advice and insight from his career. It was very inspirational. I am dedicated to telling stories!

Photo by Roxana Villa

When it came to Friday’s competition, I had actually won some awards for my entries!

I took First Place in the Web Design category, and Runner Up in the Digital Imaging category. I have to say that I am proud my myself, and also proud of my girlfriend Lisa, who took First Place in the Illustration category.

I would like to thank both Greg and Roxana for being awesome guests and inspiring me. Roxana actually featured my work in her blog ( She also talks about her visit to WLU, so be sure to check out her blog and her Illuminated Perfume products. (

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The Ultimate Roundup of Amazing Free Social Media Icon Packs – StumbleUpon

The Ultimate Roundup of Amazing Free Social Media Icon Packs – StumbleUpon.

Everybody loves free stuff, and here’s a great list of free social media icons! Yea!

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Color — Method of Action

Color — Method of Action.

PLAY THIS GAME. This is a lot of fun, tough though, but fun.

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Tips for Students

So, as a graphic design student, I find myself pretty busy when it comes to completing my projects and I wanted to give some tips to other students.

  • Go to class

This one should be obvious. If you don’t go to class, then you won’t know what work you need to do or any deadlines you need to meet. Failing a class can really put a damper on your college plans.

  • Write down deadlines/due date

Something that really helps me is writing down the dates when projects are due, and putting a sticky note widget on my desktop so I can see it everyday and not forget. Writing it down on a real sticky note too works just as well.

  • Set aside time to work

Projects can take hours to finish so it’s very important that you set aside time to focus on working. There’s a lot of distractions like Facebook or Twitter, but try your best not to give into the pressure.  Once you get into the work mode, it goes really easy because being creative makes time fly!


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Art 1. Optical Design – StumbleUpon

Art 1. Optical Design – StumbleUpon.

This is pretty neat, I might try to incorporate this into a design!

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Nothing Spaces » On Design Copycats

Nothing Spaces » On Design Copycats.

Design can be a mean world. It’s a shame that things like this happen.


Launchpad McQuack.

So I’m the president of a LEGO club, and I received a package in the mail today from a…Launchpad McQuack.There was a small LEGO set inside. The packaging looked suspicious, and there wasn’t even a real stamp.


Launchpad McQuack

418 Duckbill Lane

Duckberg, CI 00015

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stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography site

stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography site.

This is my favorite website to find stock photos, I’ve found many high resolution images that have really helped my projects.